Spela videoklipp

Triakels music are words and melodies used throughout the ages to describe feelings and happenings. Powerful stories about the implacable face of nature, and lives filled with accidents, murder, happiness and passion. Swedish folk songs as full of joy and sorrow as life itself.


Booking and Record Company:
Janne Strömstedt
Prästgatan 44
SE-83133 Östersund
Mobile: +46(0)70-573 09 49
E-mail: janne@triakel.se

Booking for Germany:
Anja Hövelmann
Shakespearestr. 7
D-04107 Leipzig
Tel. +49(0)341-215 85 48
Mobile +49(0)174-736 84 28
E-mail: anja@laviola.de

Record Company for Germany:
Ulli Hetscher
Westpark Music
P.O. Box 260227
D-50515 Köln
Phone: +49 (0)221-24 76 44
E-mail: westparkmusic@aol.com