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Triakel consists of Emma Härdelin, vocals & fiddle, Kjell-Erik Eriksson, fiddle and Janne Strömstedt, harmonium. All three are well-established in the forefront of Swedish folkmusic. 

Triakel began life as a New Year resolution. After a party together
Kjell-Erik and Janne honoured their agreement to perform together on
harmonium and fiddle in December 1994. It was a success, and they were keen to follow it up. When Emma Härdelin added her voice to the duo the group was complete. Since then the group has toured throughout Sweden and also played in about fifteen different European countries. They have also appeared in Japan and several times in the Unites States and Canada.

Triakel play songs. The group's repertoire covers everything from old music hall numbers to hymns. Often the songs are rooted in the provinces of Jämtland and Hälsingland where the group's members grew up. The music is quiet but emotionally charged, and arrangements are built up around Emma's singing, which is the heart of the group's sound. It is an expression of its members' yearning to make simple, intimate and acoustic music.

Triakel has recorded one single CD (Innan Gryningen, 1999) with Benny
Andersson, and five full-length CDs of their own. The first was released in May 1998 and the latest in February 2011. The CDs have been warmly received by the critics and the general public. Most of the records are also released on licence in Germany, the United States and Japan and have been exported to several other countries, including Britain, Holland, Russia, Portugal, Sloveniaand and South Africa.